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city. Bekaa Valley

By: Amani Al Rahman

Khaled, 12 years old, a syrian refugee who lives in a settlement in bekaa Valley. He likes music and yoga, he is one of the most focused students in both music  and yoga classes. Khaled hadn't the chance to continue his education because his dad is not living with them so he and his brother consider themselves responsible for their mom and family. he left school to work instead.
khaled believes that he can create his own world in his mind to reach his inner peace whatever thr situation is around him..

خالد، ١٢ سنة، لاجئ سوري يعيش في مخيم في البقاع. يحب الموسيقى واليوغا، انه من افضل الطلاب في كلا الصفين.
لم يتمكن خالد من متابعة دراسته لأن والده لا يسكن معهم فاضطر خالد واخوه ان يعملا فهما يعتبران انفسهما المسؤولان عن امهم واخوتهم.
يؤمن خالد انه يستطيع خلق عالم خاص به في مخيلته ليصل الى سلامه الداخلي رغم الوضع حوله..

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